The Art of Healthcare

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Getting better at the human side of healthcare. Join us as we learn how to connect better, how to show up better, and how to understand our patients and ourselves better.

Our Language shapes our landscape

The Art of Healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
Our Language shapes our landscape

Most people don’t speak medicine

This is a problem for us Health professionals because we’ve been trained to only speak medicine. This can unwittingly lead to a disconnect between us and our patients making healthy progress so much more difficult.

We’re joined by Rachel Callander to help us bridge this divide – and #hottip it’s up to us to do it, NOT our patients.

Rachel is a sought after healthcare communication trainer and speaker who comes from a place of lived experience

We cover off

– Why it’s difficult for us to explain health concepts simply

– Untraining our learnings

– Identifying our fear in communication

– Communicating for understanding (our own and our patients)

– Communicating for progress

– How to shift from jargon to empowering communication

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