The Art of Healthcare

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Getting better at the human side of healthcare. Join us as we learn how to connect better, how to show up better, and how to understand our patients and ourselves better.

Personalising healthcare

The Art of Healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
Personalising healthcare

Personalizing Healthcare to every patient is hard work right?

Yeah it is


It’s only harder in when you get started, once you get used to it, it’s no harder than not personalizing the care you give. Plus you get better outcomes for your patients, and enjoy yourself more.

Dr Nick Kimber joins me for a conversation about personalizing Healthcare. For our patients and clients.

We talk;

  • Barriers to progress when care is not personalized
  • Benefits of a personalized approach
  • Some tips to begin to personalize your approach
  • Becoming a key person in someone’s life
  • Why science is never 100% conclusive
  • The problem with scientific theory when we don’t extrapolate it out into practice

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