The Art of Healthcare

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Getting better at the human side of healthcare. Join us as we learn how to connect better, how to show up better, and how to understand our patients and ourselves better.

Questioning our conditioning

The Art of Healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
Questioning our conditioning

Emma Webb is the founder of Studio Atawhai which offers Māori cultural safety training for health professionals. Creating a safe space for conversations about race in an online webinar format, she is a physiotherapist, and is passionate about Maori health development here in New Zealand.

In this conversation we talk about;

– trying to understand the health problem in the context of the patient’s life

– making positive health impacts through opening up new health possibilities

– the conscious and unconscious limitations placed on us

– questioning what we were taught

– some of the barriers we face to doing great work

– learning from indigenous health practices

– the danger of people and systems who think the same way we do

Hope you enjoy

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