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The neuroscience of resilience

The Art of Healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
The neuroscience of resilience

Patients come to see us in the middle of a health challenge. Their resilience is tested as they try to navigate it, and often ours is too.

This week we’re joined by Golnaz Tabibnia, an affective neuroscientist at UC Irvine studying self-regulation in adults and author of the fantastic paper “An affective neuroscience model of building resilience in adults”

We’ll chat through

– The simple three route model of building resilience in adulthood

– The neuroscience behind each of the pathways

– Examples of strategies that activate each of the pathways

– Why we should be attempting to cope, and the multiple benefits that has

– One of the ways that stress makes it harder to recover your health

– Why just doing one positive thing can have many benefits

– How to switch off your default mode network

– How to watch for hidden opportunities to build resilience

The full paper can be found here

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