The Art of Healthcare

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Getting better at the human side of healthcare. Join us as we learn how to connect better, how to show up better, and how to understand our patients and ourselves better.

What’s your real value?

The Art of Healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
What's your real value?

We all got into Healthcare to help people, and we do get to help a lot of people.


A challenge for a lot of Healthcare professionals is that we don’t understand the value that we deliver to our patients and clients. We undervalue ourselves, and in turn are undervalued by others – which makes us grumpy.

We all need to start to understand the value that we can provide to patients. This value isn’t just in a monetary sense, although it’s often easiest to think about it that way.

Victor Ahipene joins us to help us understand and articulate our value whether patients pay you, or you get funded by insurers or through the public system. It’s great for us, and plays a huge role in how we connect with our patients and how we can assist them to get better.

We talk through

  • Why being a “people person” isn’t enough to really connect with a patient
  • What primary rapport is, and what secondary rapport is
  • Why you don’t need to ask someone about their cat
  • Different ways you can think about your value
  • Why you’re doing your patients a disservice if you don’t value your skillset
  • Why you are an “expert”
  • How to set and meet expectations
  • Why practice doesn’t actually make perfect

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